Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dumbo!

Today I've picked that cute little, 8th Wonder of the World, Dumbo! What with his big ears, bright blue eyes, and clumsy but disposition, how could I NOT pick him?


Dumbo came onto the scene in 1941. Its the story of a little elephant with very big ears and his struggle to survive in the life of the circus. Constantly ridiculed by his fellow elephants and human patrons, Dumbo must overcome what makes him different and discover that what makes him different makes him special. 

Why I like Dumbo: 
Dumbo is such a cute little movie about an equally cute elephant. It has a good message for kids, and its just so ADORABLE! I mean, how can you NOT like the movie? Granted, Dumbo doesn't talk, but what he lacks in communication skills, he makes up with a golden heart and an adorable face. 

Fun Fact:  When the drunken Timothy is sliding down the staircase-shaped bubble Dumbo has blown, his laugh is actually that of Mickey Mouse. Also, when Timothy coughs on Jim Crow's cigar smoke, that cough is also that of Mickey (it was specifically heard in both Giantland and Two-Gun Mickey). 

And now, I leave you with a quote:

"Dumbo! The ninth wonder of the univoise! The woild's only flyin' elephant!"


  1. I love everything Disney - especially Dumbo!

  2. Dumbo is so underrated. I love this!... And all things Disney. I posted about Animal Kingdom and Epcot last month.

  3. Amazing, very beautifull and overemotional