Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Clopin!

Today is C so I've picked my favorite gypsy king, Clopin! (There was no way I was gonna do Cinderella, in case you all were wondering.)

Clopin is from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, based on the book bu Victor Hugo. The film was released in 1996. In the Disney version, Clopin is the narrator of the story, telling how Quasimodo came to be the bell ringer of Notre Dame. He is also the leader or Gypsy King' and does all in his power to protect his people. 

Why I like  him: 
Clopin is just a fun character! He's colorful, crazy, and hilarious to watch! He is best known for his ridiculous purple and gold outfit that he wore at the Topsy Turvy Day (or Feast of Fools) parade. His songs are fun, his personality is eccentric, to say the least, and above all else, he cares for his people. 

Fun Fact: When Quasimodo is singing 'Out There', the scene cuts to a busy street. Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) is walking towards the lower right corner of the screen with her nose stuck in a book.

So now, I leave you with a quote: 

"Topsy Turvy! Everything is upsy daisy! Topsy Turvy! Everybody's acting crazy! Dross is gold and weeds are a bouquet! That's the way on Topsy Turvy Day!"

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