Thursday, March 15, 2012

There's Nothing More Annoying. . . .

So I've FINALLY got my butt back in gear and have started writing Pale Moon again. I've added a bunch more scenes that I think beef up the overall story. Oh, how I love word fluff! Its all been going good so far. UI've had remotely no problems with hitting brick walls that thrw themselves at me. I'm even writing a scene that I've been wanting to write for AGES. Kudos to me!

So, remember that annoying part that probably drew your attention here in the first place? Well, here it is. My dad's been sick. The stomach flu kind of sick (ew). And my mom has not been too keen on sleeping in the same bed with him, so he's been crashing on the couch. No problem. EXCEPT, that also happens to be the exact time and place I do ALL OF MY WRITING!

Just to clarify, I'm a night owl. I was born at night, I enjoy the night, and its usually when I get my best ideas. So, needless to say, I write at night. Well, since my dad has been sitting there in the living room 'sleeping', I've found it immensely difficult to concentrate! I live in a family of six, so its really difficult for me to find some peace and quiet so I can write. I'm the only one who ever stays up late, so its always been my sanctuary.

But now, I can't really work on anything! I'll normally write 4 to 10 pages per night, but with my dad there, I can barely write half a page! And hes constantly asking me if I'll be done soon or to turn the music down (because who doesn't write with music?). I'm at my wits end with this! I'm finally on one of my favorite scenes, and I can't even write it because he's disrupting my concentration! I can only hope he'll get better soon! I REALLY want to write this ballroom scene!!!!

~Krystal Maestas

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